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Horseshoe Bay Beach

This stunningly beautiful south shore beach is a curved stretch of pink sand located in Southampton parish. The beach has been consistently ranked amongst the top beaches of the world by various international magazines. This is by far the most popular in Bermuda. If you walk east, you will find several sandy areas that are relatively quiet and beautiful. Horseshoe Bay Beach has both a beachside cafe and bathroom facilities.

Elbow Beach

This beautiful south shore beach has a gentle curve resembling an elbow, hence the name. It's located at Paget parish. Although there is a private section of the beach that belongs to Elbow Beach Hotel, the public section is excellent. The calm water here makes it great for swimming and snorkeling. There are reefs and even a shipwreck near the shore. There is an on-beach bar & bistro run by Elbow Beach Hotel.

Shelly Bay Beach

This is another one of Bermuda's pink sandy beaches and is located at Hamilton parish. Due to a long stretch of shallow waters, this is one of the best beaches ideally suited for children and families. Facilities include a kid's playground, cafe with changing rooms & toilets, snorkel and other beach rentals. A boardwalk along the coastline leads to the famous Railway Trail.

Whale Bay Beach

This beach is located at the western end of Southampton parish. During season, you can see schools of humpback whales migrate through the blue waters off the south shore. The beach offers exceptional sunset views and it's a popular picnic spot as well.

Daniel's Head Beach

This beach is located at the western coastline in Sandy's parish. Although it's quite close to the dockyard where the large cruise ships dock, very few know about this beach and therefore it remains as an unspoiled beautiful heaven. The beach is excellent for snorkeling and swimming. The best way to access this beach is by scooter.

Turtle Beach

Another way to escape the tourists and enjoy a day in an exclusive beach is by making it to Turtle Bay Beach. This beach is located in St. David's Island at the eastern end of Bermuda and adjacent to Clearwater Beach Park. While Clearwater beach is also quite secluded, Turtle Bay Beach is simply out of this world beautiful. The Turtle beach is so named because it's quite popular for turtle sightings.

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